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A couple of my recent projects have been reducing litter in my community and fly tipping on the Victoria st allotments in Dinnington.  I believe this has been a success.

My petition to reopen Dinnington police station gained 3,700 signatures, however, the response from South Yorkshire police has been disappointing and nothing has changed.  Policing no longer seems to be proactive and more reactionary.

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Kiveton canal

Originally posted on Photography Anston, Dinnington, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and UK:
The current restoration of the Chesterfield canal stops at the Norwood tunnel Kiveton.  You can see the full journey along the Chesterfield canal here timawellsphotographyandprints.wordpress.com/2017/09/21/west-stockwith-to-chesterfield-canal-via-worksop-and-retford-picture-gallery/ James Brindley built the canal in a shorter period that it is taking to restore the canal. …

Dinnington community allotment garden Victoria st/Lordens Hill rd Dinnington

I have been trying to get this area cleaned up for over two years.  Nothing really happened until the murder of Leonne Weeks on the allotment footpath and I managed to get a meeting with senior people in Rotherham council.  I had been in contact with Kevin Barron long before the murder of Leonne Weeks … Continue reading Dinnington community allotment garden Victoria st/Lordens Hill rd Dinnington

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