Anston and Dinnington guy looking for work.

To whom it concerns.

Hypnotherapy business.

Since 2000 I have had my own Hypnotherapy business, if anything I have been too successful in what I do, rather than clients seeing me weekly as was the case when I saw a Sheffield Hypnotherapist in the early 1990’s, clients only need to see me monthly unless they have a serious stress issue.  I was pro active and retrained as a N.L.P. master practitioner over two years while I was still at HSBC.

Stress Management courses

I would like more of an opportunity to work with businesses, helping their staff to better manage their stress.  I have previously run 6 courses in this area, but the market dried up and many companies now seem to be exploiting the work market, rather than developing their staff.

Dinnington area regeneration trust

Since 2000 I did a lot of volunteer work with D.A.R.T (Dinnington Area Regeneration Trust).  I started off with helping on the Saturday morning Credit Union.  I then progressed onto running a Saturday morning children’s cinema, for certain events we got 100 plus children attending.  The local Co-op used to be good with sponsoring us and I used to deliver flyers to all the local schools.

DART then purchased the old Middleton Hall, I then did anything from painting in the building to laying new tiled floors in the toilets, which was all good experience.

Dinnington business club

My involvement with DART over the years dropped, but a number of years ago I set up Dinnington business club.  I was told I would never get the club off the ground, but with the support of the local Dinnington Guardian and local business, I eventually got it going.   About 40 businesses attended the last event I was involved in.  All profits were given to the local hospice for Bluebell Wood.

Web site building

Since having my Hypnotherapy business I have built web sites and if you are a local business looking to have a web site presence get in contact with me and we could work together to achieve this goal for a price.  I know quite a lot about google website optimisation.

Telecom manager at HSBC

Prior to having my own business I worked for 15 years at Midland Bank (H.S.B.C.) in their Telecom department, where I designed voice and data networks all across the county, some of the London networks carried billions of pounds in a few hours.  I did anything from planning, design, operations, installation, during my time at HSBC.

Process control engineer.

I originally trained as a Process control engineer at British Steel, in the 80’s, where I also gained a HNC at Rotherham Technical College.

At the moment I am looking for work to compliment my Hypnotherapy business and would be interested to hear any offers of employment you may have.

I have carried out a number of part time roles over the last 9 years.  Telesales for a Carbon Management company, where I sold £90K of business in the first 9 months.  Telesales for Scottish power.  Processing Op with Ed Excel, processing exam papers.  Recently customer services for Marks and Spencer direct, doing both phone calls and emails and fixing order issues.

All the best


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