My favourite place on the Chesterfield to Worksop canal.

Drakehole tunnel

Dear All

I can think of nothing better than being on the Chesterfield to Worksop Canal.  I often cycle from Anston to Worksop along the canal, rather than bother driving into Worksop, which is about 6 miles and takes 35 minutes.

The canal from the Trent to Worksop has been open as long as I can remember, but the stretch from Worksop to Kiveton has only reopened in the last 10 to 15 years.

The stretch from Kiveton to Chesterfield is more problematic than the rest, as the Norwood Tunnel has collapsed and much of the old route was built on around Killamarsh.  I have traced the canal from Killamarsh to Staveley and much of it is now nothing more than fields.

It isn’t until you get into Staveley when you find the new Marina and the canal starts to appear again.  Once in Chesterfield there are plans for a massive new canal basin there.

I came across the Chesterfield canal about 30 years ago, when a friend had a boat moored at Drakeholes, probably my favourite spot on the canal, you can either sit by the side of the Drakehole tunnel on the grassy bank or outside the White Swan pub, who do nice Sunday lunches.

The remaining part of the Chesterfield canal can be completed for £40 million, which would paid in one days EU contribution we currently make.  The canal would create jobs, tourism, improve health and diversity for a small price.

Until next time

Tim Wells



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