Peak district, Castleton and the surprise view

The Derbyshire countryside around the Peak district is one of the most beautiful places in the country.  You may like to visit for a day trip and experience.  Bring a pair of sturdy hiking boots.

Surprise view
Surprise view

I go back a long way with the the Peak district.  When I was in the Pathfinder group with the church I went to Hollowford outdoor centre for weekends.   I used to love walking around the quaint village of Castleton, with its lovely shops.   Castleton is famous for Blue John stone.

Years later when I joined the scouts and later venture scouts I remember often going into the hills around the Peak district, it is a small version of the Lake district.  My venture leader was always insistent on us having on good walking boots and even got his mother to knit us a red wooley hat, as he believed that this was important to stop heat loss.  The weather in the Peak district can change so quickly, I remember one early summer day it snowing when we set off and later we were walking in tea shirts.  Ensure you take a water proof coat.

Before you get into Hathersage on the way from Sheffield, there is a view called the surprise view which is the earliest photo in the blog.  As you go around the Toads mouth and look over to the left there is a magnificent view of the Peak district with Hope valley railway in the bottom.  I am still trying to capture the perfect picture due to the light conditions and I had a new camera at the time.

Winnatts pass
Winnatts pass

Castleton High st, has lots of good pubs and restaurants along it and the shops sell the precious stones that are mined from the hills around here.  There are many mines around Castleton that you can pay to go down.

The last picture in my blog is Winnatts pass.  If you go up Winnats pass from Castleton High St, you can get up to the top of Mam Tor and walk around the ridge back into Castleton, it is a beautiful place to be on a nice summers evening.

After a walk up Winnatts pass and back around the top of the ridge into Castleton, you can come back down into Castleton for a meal or a drink.

The pictures on my blog are a 1/1000th of what you will see and don’t do justice to it.

I recommend getting a good map of the area to ensure you get the best out of your days experience.

All the best until next time




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