Ballroom dancing classes for singles in Sheffield Anston

I have been ballroom dancing since 2000, but one of the things I have found is that the

city hall sheffield
city hall sheffield

single ballroom dancer isn’t very well catered for.    If you are lucky you will be paired up with another single person, but if they aren’t as dedicated you will find them missing some weeks and not bothered about going social ballroom dancing.  Some ballroom dance classes don’t even want to know you if you are single.

Luckily when I first started dancing I went to Salsa dance classes in Sheffield where you didn’t need a partner, you learnt the dance by swapping partners and moving around the room.

It wasn’t until I had private ballroom dance lessons that I could start ballroom dancing and I then moved onto classes after meeting another girl who wanted to ballroom dance.  Personally I believe that the ballroom dancing world is far too bothered with making money, at the expense of helping people to become good at dancing, especially social dancing.  They spin the lessons out as much as they can to maximise profit and there is still a “strictly come dancing” stigma attached to it.

I would like to start up a ballroom dance classes that caters for singles in Anston Sheffield.  Finding single people isn’t a problem and a venue, but the hardest problem will be to find a teacher who is willing to teach in this way.   I have seen the Cha cha cha, taught in a hour to a Salsa dancing class at a Christmas event and every body was dancing with every other partner in the room.

I wouldn’t limit the ballroom dance class to singles, but couples would have to dance with everybody in the room.  This is quite normal at salsa and modern jive classes.  Once we get in the social side of the class, you can then dance with who you like.

These are the ballroom dances you would learn:-

Waltz, Quick step, Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Foxtrot, Tango and Rumba.

If you are a single person or a couple wanting to learn to ballroom dance in this way, let me know via or via 01909 282435

There are weekly tea dances in Sheffield city hall and we can arrange trips to Blackpool tower ballroom.



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