Sheffield city hall ballroom dancing and tea dance.

What better way to spend your afternoon in Sheffield city ballroom, socialise, exercise and enjoy yourself at the same time.  The city hall is sometimes open for dancing three days a week.

The Sheffield city Hall is open Saturday afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime.

January Tea Dances

Tuesdays – 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

Thursdays – 7th & 14th Aubrey with Live Music, 21st Barbara and Barry with Recorded Music

Saturdays – 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

city hall dance
city hall dance

Check on the Sheffield city hall web site for exact details.

For £3-50 you can have two to three hours of dancing in the 2nd best venue in the country after Blackpool ballroom.   There is a bar and cafe, where you can purchase alcoholic drinks, coffee or tea, sandwiches and cakes.

Normally there will be two dances of ballroom and then two of sequence: waltz, quick step, fox trot, tango, rhumba etc.  Alternating all through the dance, with a break half way through.

On a Saturday and Tuesday it is recorded music and on a Thursday Aubrey Robinson plays the organ life.  I wish the City Hall would arrange for Aubrey to play the live music on a Saturday, when I am more liable to attend.

It would be nicer to see a younger element attend the city hall tea dances.  Generally speaking people are 60 and above, but periodically we do get younger people attending the city hall, but not often enough in my eyes.

You don’t necessarily need a partner to go to the city hall, as a guy I can dance with 10 ladies in the afternoon.   I have been known to go and ask a lady who is already in a couple for a dance and most ladies are polite enough to accept a dance.

People are certainly friendly and the nice thing is to see people enjoying themselves without having to drink excessive amounts of alcohol.  I have seen people hobbling into the city hall and after a few hours dancing they skip out, which is strange to see.

I wish I had known about ballroom dancing when I was 18, its far more pleasant than going in a nightclub and you don’t feel as though you wasted the night.  It would be great to see people from 18 to 90 in the city hall Sheffield.

All the best




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