Chocolate crispies

Why not have a go at making chocolate crispies, this is a quick explanation how to make them.

chocolate crispies
chocolate crispies

I can remember going on a cub camp many years ago and making a currant cake.  Being in the cubs and scouts helped me to become more independent and taught me how to fend for myself.

Why not have a go at making chocolate crispies, rather than buying them.  I started making my own after buying a chocolate crispy cake that was so sweet and sickly.

All you need is a bar of chocolate, rice crispies and some bun cases.

Heat the chocolate in a sauce pan, but break up very small and then once they start to melt, cut those with a knife and stir with a wooden spoon.   Chocolate burns very easily if you are not careful.  You may prefer to use a microwave oven, rather than a pan, in that case use a large pyrex dish.

Once the chocolate has melted, stir in some rice crispies.  You will need to experiment on the number of crispies versus the measure of chocolate you have used, until you get the right blend.  Really stir the crispies into the chocolate so you get a good mix. Rather than using crispies this time I used coco pops.  Start off with a small bar of chocolate.

You may wish to vary the type of chocolate you use, I prefer dark chocolate, but why not white chocolate.

Once you have a good mix, get a small spoon and spoon into bun cases.  Use what ever size of bun cases you prefer.  Leave the crispies on the side to harden, put in the fridge and then store in a decent tin.

Ensure you wipe up any spillages of chocolate, it tends to get every where if you aren’t careful.

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