Sheffield Wednesday and United football merger.

It is time for Sheffield Wednesday and United football clubs to merge, Sheffield as a city deserves Champions League football and without a merger this will never happen.


I find it really boring when people are more concerned about rivalry between Wednesday and United, rather than the city defeating one of the Manchester, Liverpool or London clubs.

I am not happy with Sheffield football clubs selling their souls to foreign ownership.  I understand that Milan is a USA citizen and Kevin Mccabe is now a Belgium citizen.    If either of these guys sold the clubs on, I would dread to think who would end up owning Wednesday or United next.

I was born a Wednesday supporter and you will find nobody more passionate than me.  My great grandparents lived with a back yard overlooking the old Spion Kop at Hillsborough.  I am sure the house walls shook when I was a baby visiting their in the 60’s, when “The Wednesday” scored.

As soon as I walked I went to watch Wednesday, sitting in the Leppings Lane stand to start with and then migrating down to the middle of the Leppings Lane terrace when I was 8.  Finally standing on the largest Kop area in Europe at the time, when it housed 22K.

I have see some good times and bad times at Hillsborough.  I have see Wednesday finish third in the Premier division, to be denied being in the European cup due to the behaviour of Liverpool supporters at Heysel.  I have seen Wednesday beat Manchester United in the Rumbelows Cup and United in the Semi Final of the FACup at Wembley, full with Sheffielders.

I have seen a 2nd division Wednesday have a Liverpool football club on the rocks, in front of 49K during a night League cup Qtr final at Hillsborough.  I have also seen a Wednesday side beat Sheffield United 4-0 in a capacity crowd while in the third division at Hillsbrough.

I have also see 40K plus of Wednesday supporters travel down to Cardiff Arms park for a Play off final when we beat Hartlepool United.   What a day that was.

If Sheffield ever wants Champions League football and to compete at the top end of the Premier division, other than selling our souls to a foreign owner, merging is the only way forward.

Since the Hillsborough disaster and all the negative publicity thrown at Hillsborough, whether there is a merger or not, Wednesday need to move away from Hillsborough into the East end of Sheffield.   Hillsborough is little changed from when the disaster happened, at that time Hillsborough was a football palace compared with grounds like Anfield and Old Trafford.

I would suggest that a new 80K stadium is built where the Don Valley existed or another suitable location.  A merged side could be called Sheffield F.C. ,if they buy the football club out and we keep the tradition of being the oldest football club in the world.

I would suggest blue and red stripes.  Lets have a museum for Wednesday and United to keep the traditionalists happy.

A merger excites me, while carrying on in the same vane, mocking the opposite side of Sheffield come Monday morning bores me.

I even went into see Derek Dooley when he was chairman of United in 2000, at the time he thought both Sheffield clubs would be sharing grounds, but not merged in his life time.

Bramall Lane Kop

Bramall Lane Kop

Dave Allen the chairman of Wednesday refused to meet me.

Follow my blog if a merger interests you.

All the best




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