First Butterfly of the year 2014 S25 Sheffield

comma butterfly s25
comma butterfly s25

We have a very mild winter in the S25 area of Sheffield this year, while our friends across in the USA had the coldest winter in 35 years.  We haven’t had any warming since 1998 and the UAH is 0.17 degree above the 1978 to 2014 average.  I am a non believer in AGW, its all about natural climate variance over 100’s of years.  However I would like to see us tackle real pollution, rather than this bogus agenda.

I saw a butterfly a few weeks ago, but later saw a leaf blowing about and wasn’t 100% sure.  However today I have seen a number of butterfly’s and took a picture of the Comma, which you can see.  I have also seen a Brimstone and a red Admiral today.

I am based quite close to the Anston butterfly farm, which I have visited once.  I can’t say I am a great fan of the place, as the centre has taken a nasty chunk out of our beautiful countryside and replaced it with an awful lot of tarmac.  I realise the centre has to make money, but it seems to be more bothered about the commercial aspect, than actually improving the natural habitat.  Nothing like the Butterfly farm in the Famous fives “Billycock Hill” episode, by Enid Blyton.

I am hoping this year will be a great year for Butterfly’s and I will be posting a lot more pictures in the future.  I am close to Anston stones, which is  a fantastic habitat for Butterfly’s and a site of SSSI.

All the best


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