Anston to Worksop via the Chesterfield canal

Rather than get the car out, I will often travel from Anston to Worksop via the fields and canal.  I thought I would give you the route I take.

Lindrick dale
Lindrick dale

To start with you need to find Rackford Rd, it joins Nursery Rd half way up the Baulk, where the post office is.  Follow Rackford Rd right down to the end.  It will change from a dual carriage way into a single carriageway, with a tarmac surface.  I think this is path 674 on the national cycle network.

Once you get to the end of Rackford Rd you will see a farm on your left, just carry on either side of the iron gate in front of you.  You will then go through a wooded area along a dirt footpath.  Eventually this will open out into fields.

Just follow the track across the fields, you will see a farm on the right.  Carry straight on, rather than taking the left turn back across the fields.  You will drop down into a dip and then come up through a entrance.  If you carry on too far, you will hit the A57.  Turn left through the wooden gate and follow the bridle path into Lindrick Common.  You will start to see houses on the left.  You will come t o a triangle in the road, at this point turn right and follow it down to the A57.

Cross the A57 carefully, as it can become very busy.  Go through the green gate and follow the white track.   Have a look at the photo in my blog.  You need to aim off the white track and follow the blue posts down the left hand side of the fairway, into the hollow at the bottom.  Once you get into the hollow at the bottom there is a very steep rise up a track.  Once you get to the top of the track, when wet there is little traction on the ground, you will look down into a small Hamlet.

Go through the iron gate and turn left onto the road, but you then need to follow the new tarmac track, which is immediately right.  Follow this track under a railway bridge and onto the canal.  Then turn left and follow the canal path all the way into Worksop.  You will eventually come to where the new M&S centre is.  You can chain your bike up outside the coffee shop.

Let me know how you go on with the route.  On a good day I could get into Worksop in 35 minutes or so.

All the best




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