Savoy cinema Worksop “The book thief” silver screenings

I thought I would do a write up on the new cinema at Worksop.  My first experience when it was opened was bad, but this time my experience was excellent.

Savoy cinema Worksop
Savoy cinema Worksop

I went to the Savoy in Worksop the first week it opened to watch a dance film, but the screen it was showed on was quite small and the seating very low down.   My experience wasn’t helped by loads of children who didn’t seem to be focused on watching the film.  I went away very disappointed.

However I decided to give the Savoy another chance, because the other screens maybe better.  I decided to go and watch the silver screening of “The book thief”.  You are supposed to be 50 and above to watch the silver screen showings on a Wednesday morning at 11-30am.  It costs £3-50 which includes a cup of coffee or tea.

This time the cinema screen had a lot more seats and the screen was much bigger.  I wish I had got there a bit earlier, but even though I was close to the front I felt a lot better than the previous time.    The picture and sound quality were excellent and there were no advertisements to go through.  There was even a free raffle with the ticket price.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film, as it was excellent story and put across a good view of how the German people suffered, under their own brutal regime.  I need to find if “The book thief” is a true story or fiction account of what life was life under a dictator.

I will give the Savoy 9/10 this time.  The only negative point was they kept on the small lights on the ceiling, which the Cineworld turn off once the adverts are over.  I like the cinema to be in total darkness, other than for the exit lights.

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