Di’s cafe and tea room Turner wood Chesterfield Worksop canal

Turner wood on the Chesterfield canal is a beautiful spot to sit down and have a rest.  At this point the canal widens into a basin and there is a lovely row of cottages.  You will often find a swan around here and a heron occasionally.

Click on the picture to go to the facebook page and find out exact opening times and more.

Di’s cafe is open every day of the week except Thursday, during the summer.  Mid morning Saturday and Sunday to 6pm and the rest of the week mid morning until 4pm.

You can purchase an ice dream, lolly, cold drink or coffee.

Turner wood on the Chesterfield canal is a bit of a cross roads for walking traffic, as many of the footpaths connect here.  I have had some strange happenings on this spot.  Somebody who knew my dad 40 years ago stopped me thinking it was my dad.  I met an ex girlfriend I hadn’t seen for 20 years at this spot and one day I watched as a Vulcan bomber crawled past me at a snail pace, on the way to the local private airfield.

You can park your car and walk up from the Lock keepers and there is a good train service to Shireoaks from Sheffield.  Most of the canal paths are well maintained to this point, but don’t come in your high heels, put some sensible shoes on.

Until next time

Think positive



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