St James church South Anston

St James church in South Anston is a beautiful church with a spire, originating from Norman times.

St James Church South Anston
St James Church South Anston

St James church don’t appear to have a web site, so I thought I would do a blog on it for them.  I went to St James sunday school, which used to be held down in their church hall in the village of Anston.

Later I joined the Pathfinders, that used to be held in the Vicarage which was a short walk through the grave yard.  The vicarage was a fine old building and held summer fairs every year.  I was disappointed when the church sold this land onto a housing developer, to make a large profit and lose some real heritage.

I have been on a number of outings with the church in my childhood and stayed for a number of weekends at Castleton Hollowford out of bounds centre at Castleton.

I used to be part of 38th Rotherham scouts who were affiliated to the church and used to meet at St James church hall in North Anston.

Both my sisters were christened and had weddings at St James church.  I was confirmed at the church.  There is now a new meeting room attached to St James church.

There a number of regular services and events at St James church and other social activities.

A number of years ago I paid for Dinnington Colliery band to play at St James church as a gift to the community at Christmas.

Just in front of St James church you will find Paradise sq, where John Welsey the methodist preacher is renowned to have spoken to people.  Further down into South Anston you will find the Methodist church and hall.

I hope this post has been informative.

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