Ballroom dancing club S25 Anston and Dinnington

I have been ballroom dancing since 2000, previously I had been unsuccessful, but this time managed to break through my mental block.

city hall dance
city hall dance

I would like to set up a ballroom dance club in the S25 area of Sheffield, for single people and those in a relationship who see ballroom dancing as being a social event.

There stills seems to be a stigma around ballroom dancing, that you won’t find in Salsa or Modern jive classes.  In both Salsa and Modern Jive classes, you may be single or a couple.  However when you are learning, you pair up and move around the room, through each part of the dance.

I would like to set up a ballroom dance class in the same way.  I can imagine that it would be really easy to find single people who would like to ballroom dance, but it is going to be a little more difficult to find a teacher who will be flexible enough to teach it in this way.  I have been to about 4 different ballroom dance schools, some cater very well for singles, others would prefer them not to be even in the room.

Why should a person who is single have to wait for a partner before they ballroom dance or even social dance.   Too many people who are in relationships thing I am alright jack and the single person gets squeezed out.

As well as arranging a ballroom dance class for singles in Anston and Dinnington, I would also like it to be about us going to the Sheffield city hall every week to practice these new skills.  It would also be nice to organise a monthly outing to Scarborough Spa or Blackpool Tower ballroom.

Ballroom dancing has a number of advantages: it’s enjoyable, keeps you fit, builds confidence and helps you socialise.

The problem I have with Salsa and Modern jive dancing, is that after a year I get a little bored.  Whereas ballroom dancing offers a lot more variability, in both dances and music types: Waltz, Quick step, Cha Cha Cha, Tango, Foxtrot, Argentinian Tango, Rumba, Jive, Rock and Roll etc.

Please contact me if you are single and interested in coming to a ballroom dance class that caters for that in Anston and Dinnington.  Couples who are willing to social dance, would also be welcome to these classes.  Contact me on 01909 561706 or via

All the best




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