Forget internet dating get out dancing

Rather than using the internet to meet people, why not go out and enjoy yourself and learn to dance at the same time.  You maybe lucky to meet the man or woman of your dreams.

UAE building at night
UAE building at night

20 years ago before I came across Hypnotherapy, I used to feel lonely and tried a dating agency.  I found these dating agencies to be a total waste of time, people were never what they said and many of the girls were just looking for a guy to take them out for the night and pay for a drink.

I think I then put an advertisement in the Sheffield star, looking for a girl who was an outdoor type.  I received a leaflet from a group called 18+ and had a fanastic year.  18+ used to meet every Tuesday in the middle of the week for a quiet drink in Sheffield.  We then used to have an outing every weekend and a disco somewhere in Yorkshire on a Saturday night.  I met some great friends through 18+.  Like anything it ran its course.

I personally wouldn’t entertain internet dating, there are too many scam’s out there and people are never what they say they are.  I am a great believer in if you get on with your life, you will meet somebody out there, when you are least expecting it.

Before I left HSBC in 2000 I started Salsa dancing in Sheffield.   There is nothing worse than seeing people who go dancing just to pull a member of the opposite sex, however if you meet the ideal person while dancing, brilliant.

Totally out of the blue I have met my ex partners while Salsa dancing in Sheffield and Ballroom dancing in the city Hall.  Dancing is a fantastic way to enjoy yourself, keep fit and socialise.

As a single person it can be difficult to learn to Ballroom dance, as the single isn’t that well catered for.  I am looking to set up a ballroom and social dance class for the single person in Anston and Dinnington.  However if you go Salsa or Modern Jive dancing, you don’t need a partner and swap partners as you learn each part of the dance.  Then you have an opportunity to social dance.  It isn’t only the guys who approach the ladies for a social dance, in the modern era, Ladies should also approach the guys for a dance.  We now have equal rights.

I can remember doing Modern Jive classes at Crookes in Sheffield and dancing with over 50 ladies in an evening.  This has been common place across venues in Sheffield, Doncaster and further a field.

If you are lucky to meet a member of the opposite sex while learning to dance, or through any other avenue, also take things slowly and be careful.   That rules applies to the men just as much as the ladies.

Always respect a member of the opposite sex.

I have always found that the opposite members of the sex who appear attractive upfront, often are exactly the opposite once you get to know them.  Whereas those who don’t seem that attractive and grow on your later, are a better bet.

Like anything in life, check the small print before getting involved with anybody.  People can always be on their best behaviour up front.   It’s Ok when you are both doing something you like, but if it was to progress into a relationship, there are other factors to consider, like money, family and values.

Rather than feeling lonely, get out there, dance, walk, cycle swim and you may meet somebody.  Get on with your life and do want you enjoy.

You may meet somebody in a serendipitous moment

All the best

Stay safe










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