Lyric theatre Dinnington

I thought I would do a short blog page on the Lyric theatre as they don’t have an internet web site.  It would be so easy to set one up and promote the venue.

Lyric theatre Dinnington
Lyric theatre Dinnington

I can remember many years ago going to see a Pantomime in the Lyric theatre when I was in the cubs and years later watching a cinema film there.

The Lyric has gone through some changes over the years.  I understand at one bit it was an indoor roller skating arena.  It has also hosted big band concerts and Ken Dodd has been a regular performer here.

The Lyric is supposed to have a resident ghost, most likely to be Ivan Jepson who did so much to promote and help out at the theatre.  Ivan collapsed and died while dancing and listening to a big band here.  The ghost will certainly be friendly if you come across it.

In recent years the Lyric theatre in Dinnington has gone through some changes.  It has a decent dance floor, stage area and bar.  It also has a lounge area.  It would be nice to see one of the shops at the front, purchased to make the theatre appear more public.  It would be so easy to walk past the Lyric without even knowing it is there.

I understand that the resource centre manager is now running the Lyric.  There is now a weekly cafe, where you can purchase coffee and tea.

There is a dance school that does lessons every week and a regular Friday night dance.   The Lyric players have regular pantomimes there.  You can hire the venue for your wedding or any other family event.

I will try and add a picture for the inside of the theatre and get contact details.

All the best

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