Website building and design in the Sheffield S25 area, Dinnington & Anston

Scarborough South Bay
Scarborough South Bay

Let me show you how to create your own web site presence, in a sustainable way, that you can keep updated.

I have been building my own web site presence since I set up my own Hypnotherapy business in 2001. I found advertising far too expensive and it didn’t gain me enough customers.

I have learnt over the last 14 years how to get the maximum ranking for my Hypnotherapy web site.  You can use google, bing or yahoo’s organic ranking or pay for google add words. I have used a number of different tools to build my web site.  I came across Content Management Systems (CMS).  I tried out 5 different systems, before decided to use wordpress, which I found the most flexible and best system to use.

My own web site is quite complex as I sell Hypnotherapy Mp3 downloads on line. Let me teach you how to build your own wordpress web site and keep it updated.  For little more than £5 you can purchase a domain name, £10 a month for web site hosting and a fee of £50 a hour to help you build your web site.  I am sure I can come to some arrangement with you.

Once you have your web site up and running, you can then start to improve it’s ranking in search engines.  You can then add your website domain name to your car windscreen or bumper.  Most people now look for services through search engines, so why pay people ridiculous fees to achieve something you can do more effectively. This is an example of my web sites I have built.  We can design you web site however you want it to look within reason.




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