Cleethorpes for the day

Cleethorpes is a holiday resort 60 miles from Sheffield on the East coast of England.  Slowly but surely the resort is being gradually improved.

Cleethorpes Pier
Cleethorpes Pier

It was my 50th birthday yesterday and I went for a day out at Cleethorpes with the family.  Cleethorpes is much improved from my child hood experiences.   The beaches are lovely and clean and somebody even follows the donkeys cleaning up after them.

At one end of Cleethorpes you will find a modern multi screen, Mcdonald’s etc.  Then you come into a nice park and boating lake, with a miniature steam railway running down the side of it.   Further along you will come to a large indoor swimming pool.

At this point you hit large sandy beaches.  The tide was out as far as I could see yesterday.

There are many shops and arcades along the other side of the road, before you come to an indoor market, which is usually open on a Sunday.  Further along you will find a train station.  You can carry along the beach at this point and you will come to Grimsby town football ground, which is in Cleethorpes.

There is a road train that carried people from one end of Cleethorpes to the other.

Grimsby is an old fishing port, that is now having to gear its self more to tourism.

I noticed many new apartment’s being built in Cleethorpes and the restaurants and cafe’s are much improved from my childhood.

You can take the scenic route from Sheffield to Cleethorpes or the M18.  It is little over a hour from Sheffield to Cleethorpes.

It would be nice if they could build a Tower at Cleethorpes along the lines of Blackpool tower.  It would be quite a tourist attraction and offer fantastic views of the Humber.

All the best



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