Anston & Dinnington mountain bike and cycling club

Anston and Dinnington have a combined population of over 20 thousand, it would be great to see a cycling or mountain bike club established locally, rather than people have to travel into Rotherham.

Welbec gates Worksop
Welbec gates Worksop

25 years or more ago, I can remember going out on a days cycling with Rotherham cycling club, I met up with the club at somewhere like Oldcotes and we cycled to Lincoln and back.  Even though I had never cycled such a large distance, I was pretty fit, as I was a Marathon runner.

I am sure there are good grounds for a cycling and mountain biking club in Anston and Dinnington, if there isn’t already one.  National cycle route 674 starts in North Anston and will take you towards Worksop, this is more a mountain bike route.  I have a fantastic route across the fields and down the canal into Worksop.

If you know of any cycling clubs in this area or are thinking about starting one up, let me know.  There are some good flat cycle roads towards Doncaster and Lincolnshire.

All the best




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