Dave Berry sponsored cycle along the Chesterfield canal.

I have just read in the Yourmag that Dave Berry is going to cycle the Chesterfield and Worksop canal to raise funds for its restoration.  This got me thinking about my idea to have a sponsored mass walk along it.

Drakehole tunnel
Drakehole tunnel

For as long as I can remember the canal was fully restored into Worksop from the Trent. After 1990 the section from Worksop to Kiveton via Anston was fully restored, very quickly, previously it had been nothing more than a silted bed.

From Chesterfield through to Staveley the canal is now nearly completely finished.

However we have a section of the canal from Kiveton through to Staveley that needs completing.  This section will cost £40 million to complete and technically is probably the hardest section to restore, many miles of the canal are nothing more than fields.  The canal could be completed, for less than a days payment to the European Union, think of 365 projects of this mind being completed very year in the UK, rather than this undemocratic institution.

There is very little likely hood of a grant to complete the canal and I think we need a massive sponsored walk along the length of the Chesterfield canal to complete.  This walk would raise money, but more importantly raise awareness and publicity.  Probably there is a benefactor out there that needs a jolt.

The sponsored walk could be end to end, but people could do sections rather than the full walk. I have been along sections of the canal, but I have never fully done the walk.

If you are reading the blog and can influence a mass sponsored walk along the canal, I would love to hear from you.

A massive new marina is being built in Chesterfield town centre.  The canal has so many benefits: leisure, holidays, job, health, bio diversity, culture etc.

All the best

Think positive




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