National cycle path 674 Anston to Lindrick

National cycle path from Anston to Lindrick, is part of my route from Anston to Worksop via the Chesterfield and Worksop canal.

Anston baulk

Anston baulk

You will find the start of national cycle route 674 at the post office half way up the Baulk in Anston.  The picture at the start of the blog, is looking away from the National cycle path 674.

Cycle along Radford Rd, the road will narrow from a two lane rd, into a single track.  At the end of the single track you will find a metal gate, pass via either site of the gate, you will see a farm at the left hand side.  Follow the dirt track through the trees and out on the fields.  The track now becomes a bridleway across the fields, you will see a farm on the right hand side.

Follow the track down to a gate, you will veer to the right.  You will have now arrived at Lindrick Common, if you then turn left through the gate, if you go too far you end up on the A57.  This is a great area for Blackberry picking, something I remember doing from my childhood, before this route was part of the national cycle network.  It surprised me last year, when I first saw signs on the route, that I had used for over 35 years.

You can now decide if you want to follow the National cycle route to Lincoln, go to Woodsetts or onto Worksop down the Chesterfield canal as I often do.  National cycle route can be found on the relevant web site, which is a little sluggish.

If you need any more information get in touch.

All the best




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