Sheffield Marathon and the Dunkirk spirit

I was shocked to hear that the Sheffield half marathon was cancelled today, due to a shortage of water.  We seem to have a elf and safety disease in the UK.

Sheffield city centre
Sheffield city centre

I ran the full Sheffield marathon back in 1985, I had a respectable time of 3 hours 10, not bad for my 2nd marathon.  I used to train with an older training partner, who always told me to take on plenty of fluids in a full marathon.  If I was out on a training run of 13 miles or more I wouldn’t have even bothered taking on fluids.

I am now 30 years wiser and there is a lot more education about diet for running and achieving the best times.  I would certainly had a water bottle in my bag, to take on fluid before the race and after.

I am sure that if the organisers had delayed the race by 30 minutes, people could have used their mobile phones and social networks and supplies of one kind or another could have been got to the water stations in time.

As a country we are becoming very pathetic when it comes to H&S.  People will have trained three months for the Sheffield Marathon and the police and other emergency services would have spent a lot of time arranging closure of roads etc. People in Sheffield were inconvenienced due to roads being closed for half the day.

I assume that there will now be a procedure in place in case the supplier lets them down with water in the future.  Why not have two different suppliers.  I am sure that the water supplies should have arrived at least the previous day, so it should have still been able to arrange an alternate supply.  This was incompetence on a mass scale.

All the best

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