Hillsborough S6 football stadium move

I think it is time for Sheffield Wednesday football club to leave Hillsborough and build a new stadium in the East end of the city.


At the time of the Hillsborough disaster back in the early 1990’s, Hillsborough was the Premier football ground in the country, Anfield and Old trafford were poor stadiums in comparison to the venues we now see.

Very little has changed in Hillsborough since the 1990’s, other than a new roof on the South stand and a 2nd tier on the south stand.   The North stand which was built in the 1960’s still looks iconic today, but behind the stand it looks nothing more than a glorified car park.  Other than for seats on the KOP, it had just been roofed prior to 1990.   The Leppings Lane end looks very tired, but at the time of its conception for the 1966 world cup was forward thinking.

Due to so much negative publicity directed at Hillsborough since the disaster, I think a move away from the ground would benefit Sheffield Wednesday with a positive emotional lift.  Before coming to Hillsborough from Olive grove, Sheffield Wednesday supporters voted for Carbrook as a preference to Hillsborough, the East end of Sheffield would be a more appropriate home for Sheffield Wednesday football club.

The vacant site where the Don Valley stadium used to be, would be an ideal location for a modern football ground.   Just because the ground is modern, doesn’t mean it can’t be made interesting and iconic.  The area around the Don Valley stadium would allow other revenue generating streams to be created.

The Don Valley stadium is close to the super tram stop and the area would provide better transport links, especially for the away supporters.

Hillsborough is now in a very built up residential area and the traffic nuisance can’t be good for residents who live around the football ground.

Rather than trying to re build Hillsborough stand at a time, I think it would be far better just to build a whole new ground in one go.  If Wednesday are serious about being a successful club, they need a ground that would be a credit to Champions League football.

All the best

Think positive




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