Clumber Park house Nottinghamshire

Clumber Park is owned by the National trust and is within a short drive of Worksop.  There hasn’t been a house on the site since 1938, but the park is beautiful.

Clumber park church and stable
Clumber park church and stable

I live within a 10 mile drive of Clumber Park, but decided to cycle from Anston to Clumber Park yesterday.  I can do this without hardly touching the roads and most of it is through beautiful countryside.

My goal yesterday was to take a picture of the church and stables that still exist there.  I hope you agree it is a pretty decent picture.

Clumber Park was in its hey day during the early 1900’s, but following the 1st world war and the great depression, it was knocked down in 1938, just before the war.  The owner was going to rebuild the house, but it was sold on to the national trust in 1946.

Many of the features from the garden and house were sold on, or moved else where, which is such a great shame.  Clumber is a beautiful place to go, even though it doesn’t have a house.  I took the picture of the church and stables from the opposite side of Clumber Lake.   There are some gardens on the old Clumber house side of the site, but nothing like they must have originally been.

I can’t understand why Clumber house hasn’t been rebuilt, in this day and age such a feat shouldn’t be too complicated.

You will find an old fashioned cricket ground within the park and the roads are better kept than the local authority roads we drive on.   It costs £6-50 for vehicles to enter Clumber Park, so I would recommend a National Trust card.  I cycle in for free.

Worksop is the gateway to the Dukeries, where many great old houses exist or their estates exist: Worksop Manor, Thoresby Hall, Welbec Hall, Rufford park.

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