Anston and Dinnington heritage and passenger railway.

In the early 1900’s Anston used to have it’s own railway station, which was later dismantled.  I think that the railway station could be accessed by Mill Lane.  10,000 people now live in Anston and it would be an ideal time to re open the railway station, somewhere along the viaduct where the Plaxton’s sites currently exists.

Lindrick dale junction
Lindrick dale junction

The railway line runs through Anston and Dinnington and onto Maltby.  It has recently been used to carry coal from Maltby colliery, which has now been closed for the final time.

The Anston line connects to the Sheffield line, at Shireoaks.  Once the train crosses the points, the train could be redirected down to Sheffield.  However there is also a viaduct at Lindrick dale, which could easily be opened, so that the train could loop straight around onto the Sheffield line.

The bridge you see at the start of the blog, would allow the track to be connected from the Anston to Sheffield line.  The existing viaduct needs clearing of trees.

Once the Anston to Sheffield line is opened for little cost, it could carry hybrid tram trains into Sheffield.  This would also benefit the community of Dinnington.  This would reduce the number of car journeys from Anston to Sheffield.  Dinnington and Anston are now a community of 22K, which is the same size as Retford.

It was suggested that steam trains could be run on this line as well, to create a heritage line between Maltby and Anston.  This would be a great tourist attraction for Anston and Dinnington.  We should be celebrating the industry we used to have around here and creating a tourist attraction out of it.  Lets make it happen and boost our local economy.

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One thought on “Anston and Dinnington heritage and passenger railway.

  1. Hi Tim, good post. Its ideas on how we move forwards as community that counts. When I suggested that the line could become a Heritage line I was not really suggesting hybrid trams, just the old fashioned steam trains. But saying that if a plan could be produced that had trams on during the week and Steam Engines on weekends and Bank holidays, it just might make the line more viable and cost effective. If the line is to close, then its certainly something worth looking at.


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