Plaxton’s vacant site and town centre for Anston

There is currently a vacant piece of land which belonged to Plaxton’s that could be turned into a civic area for Anston.


I came to live in Anston in 1966, in those days Anston was a quaint village of less then 3000 and had many shops along the high street and a number of co-ops.  Anston has now grown to about 10,000 and many of the shops have disappeared along the high st and people now have to shop miles away in Dinnington.  Facilities we had in a much smaller village have since been removed.

There is now a vacant Plaxton’s site by the crossroads between North and South Anston.  This site would be ideal for a civic centre for Anston.  This site would be ideal for a Tesco store and many other facilities.  The current crossroads on the A57 going through Anston, could be turned into a roundabout and access gained to the site.  This would reduce much traffic on Nursery Rd, between Anston and Dinnington.

There is also a large Plaxton’s site on the other side of the road, this could become vacant if Plaxton’s left the area or a site was found for them on Dinnington and Anston industrial estate.  This would then allow the provision of a train station and massive park and ride site into Sheffield.

Anston Parish council recently bought a piece of land on Radford Rd, claiming that it would prevent building on the greenbelt, when this piece of land was protected.  Whereas purchase of the vacant Plaxton’s site, to prevent house building and provide facilities is ignored.  I brought this up again at the Anston Parish meeting and John Island totally ignore this important point.  There is no vision on the existing Parish council.

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