4 blood red moons and two solar eclipses

Over the next twelve months we are going to get 4 blood red moons and a couple of solar eclipses.

Full moon
Full moon

These blood red moons will be most likely appear visible from the USA, due to the sunlight being blocked from falling on the moon, due to the moon being in the shadow of the earth.

I understand that significant world events occur when we get these blood red moons on a regular basis and seem significant to the Jewish people.  Only time will tell on this, but if we go by past history, something very negative will happen and then the outcome will be positive.

I am based in the UK and last two nights we have had a very clear sky and beautiful moons.  In fact the one last night looked a little red tinged early on last night.  I am still working out how to take the best pictures of the night sky with my Cannon SX160IS, but the picture at the start of the blog is pretty impressive, even though I say it myself.  The craters on the moon are so visible.

All the best




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