Anston stones, Peacock butterfly

I live within a mile or so of Anston stones SSSI, I thought I would go for a walk with my camera and see if I could spot any butterflies.

Peacock butterfly
Peacock butterfly

Normally when I go out on my bike, I see lots of Red Admiral butterflies, as I cycle down National cycle path 674 to Lindrick Common.  I have bumped into somebody previously looking for rare butterflies in Lindrick Common.

Even though yesterday was a perfect day, I only spotted 3 different species of Butterflies.  Red Admiral, Peacock and a white one with yellow tips.

I managed to get a couple of pictures of Peacock butterflies and hope you like them.

Peacock butterfly
Peacock butterfly

I walked back across the fields from Anston Stones and past the Butterfly farm, which is more for school educational purposes, than breeding butterflies.

It is so much nicer to be able to capture butterflies on a digital camera, than with a butterfly net , as I did when I was a child in the 1970’s.

Butterflies are a good metaphor for people who are changing and growing.  If you are using self development techniques to improve, it is usually best to keep things quiet until you have achieved your goal.  It’s no good trying to tell a caterpillar that it can fly, if you get my drift.

All the best

Think positive



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