Anston Stones Wood Bluebells

I went for a walk through Anston stones yesterday to see if I could take any interesting pictures.  I cam across some Bluebells.

Anston stones bluebells
Anston stones bluebells

Anston Stones Wood is an unspoilt area of the countryside, running from Anston down to Lindrick common, down the side of the A57.  It was originally owned by the Duke of Leeds who gave it to the Kiveton and Rural district, who then passed it onto Anston Parish council when they were disbanded in 1975.

Because Anston stones is a SSSI, a large amount of timber is left to rot, I think it would be better to let 50% of the timber rot and remove 50% of the timber for other purposes.  It spoils the look of Anston stones at time and could bring in a small income for Anston Parish council.

Anston stones is a fantastic Limestone gorge, with the River Ryton running along the bottom.  I believe it to be a much better location than Cresswell Craggs, much of the Limestone faces in Anston Stones are hidden behind trees, whereas Cresswell Craggs is very much more open and thus popular.

I didn’t go into the most secluded part of Anston Stones, where I would probably have got much better pictures of Bluebells.  You can see a much better carpet of Bluebells on the home page of my blog, that is the wood that can be accessed from Wales under the M1 motorway at the Norwood end of the Chesterfield and Worksop Canal.

Anston stones bluebells
Anston stones bluebells

The more shady the woods, the thicker the carpet of Bluebells.

Bluebell Wood hospice if very close to where I live, but was named after a site they were going to use at Doncaster.

All the best until next time

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