Lindrick Common speckled wood

I managed to get a good picture of a speckled wood butterfly while cycling through Lindrick Common near Worksop today.

Speckled wood butterfly
Speckled wood butterfly

If you live in Anston, you can get down to Lindrick common via National cycle path 674.  Go to where the post office is half way up the Baulk and follow along Radford Rd.  The road drops down to a single carriage way and then into a track across the fields.  Once you come to the end of the field, via right and then through the gate to the left and onto Lindrick common.

I understand that Lindrick common has some rare butterflies.  While cycling along the Chesterfield canal on the way back from Worksop, I spotted a speckled wood but couldn’t get a picture.  I then managed to get some fantastic shots of a speckled wood on Lindrick common.

I will see how many butterflies I can capture on camera this summer.

All the best

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