Scarborough my favourite holiday resort

Scarborough is my favourite holiday resort in the world, whether it is sunny or raining Scarborough is a great place to be.

Scarborough North Bay
Scarborough North Bay

I go back a long way with Scarborough, as I used to go there for whitsun holiday’s as a child, in a B&B over looking the cricket ground in the 1960’s and 70’s.

If you go to the Peasholm Park end of Scarborough, which is known as the North Bay, you will find a beautiful park to stroll around.  There is a story behind the chinese design of Peasholm park.  Every summer you will find the Naval war fare battles on the park, which I remember going to when I was a young child in the 60’s.  The North Bay is a really nice sandy beach for young children to play on and you can walk down the beach to the Sea Life Marine Sanctuary or catch the 20″ gauge railway to it, which terminates at Scalby

Scarborough middle bay
Scarborough middle bay

Mills.   Recently there has been quite a lot of development of North Bay, with modern looking flats, which now incorporate restaurants in the front of the flats.   You will find a large indoor swimming pool, but the outside pool that was always a land mark in North Bay, has been filled in which is such a shame.

You will also find the Open air theatre which hosts pop concerts, this venue has been totally renovated since the days of my child hood when it was crumbling down.

The North Bay still requires some attention to get it back to the days of my childhood, when there used to be an adventure park above the light railway and a chair lift along the front, but they are getting there.

You can either walk along the see front to South Bay or cut through the centre of Scarborough.  The bay connecting the North and South Bay is quite beautiful in itself.  All along the sea front the defences have been rebuilt.   Between South and North bay you will find Scarborough castle on the headland.

Once into South Bay you will find shops and amusements and a small harbour with fishing

Scarborough South Bay
Scarborough South Bay

boats.  You will find plenty of donkey rides along this stretch and it is nice to see the donkeys being well looked after.

Walk further along you will come to the Spa, where concerts are held or your can go to a Tea dance.  I particular like going in the outside tea rooms of the Spa, where they hold concerts or you can look through the glass wall onto the sea.

What ever you are looking for on holiday you will find at Scarborough, whether young or old or the weather is nice or wet.  I have mentioned a fraction of what is available in Scarborough.

All the best

Think positive



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