Anston stones rock climbing is illegal

I understand that it is illegal to rock climb in Anston stones, because of the brittle Limestone craggs.  From one end of the gorge to the other, there are Limestone faces, many hidden by trees.  I believe that Anston stones is far superior to Cresswell Craggs, but is much less of a tourist destination.

Anston stones limestone face
Anston stones limestone face

I was shocked at the Annual Parish council meeting to find out that it is illegal to rock climb in the stones.  Anston stones would be a climbers paradise if this wasn’t the case.

I do find it strange that it is illegal to rock climb in Anston stones, bearing in mind people climb all over the Derbyshire countryside on various different rock faces.  I will clarify this point at some stage with the Parish council.

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2 thoughts on “Anston stones rock climbing is illegal

  1. The Stones are a SSSI and to damage it is a criminal offence.

    Whether the wear a rock climber would introduce would be regarded as “damage” by the Police or CPS, well I’m not sure. After all the walkers and cyclists are “damaging” the stones constantly by causing a small amount of erosion with each step, so there has to be a common sense interpretation somewhere.

    The landowner could prohibit rock climbing if they wished, but I’ve never seen any notice suggesting they do?


    1. I totally agree with you, that is why I want to check for further clarification. Do they just mean it is illegal to hammer things into the stones. Stuart Thornton mentioned this to me at the last Parish meeting. I wrote this post after bumping into somebody who wanted to find the rock faces to climb off.


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