Anston Wells

There is a large water trough within the old part of Anston, by the side of the Methodist church.  In the past before mains water, this would have supplied water to the villagers of Anston.  I would be wary of drinking the water, but horses and dogs would enjoy it.

Bearing in mind my surname being Wells, it is time I mentioned the Wells in Anston.

Anston Wells
Anston Wells

Even though Anston has grown from 3K to 10K since 1966, there are old parts of the village that still retain the character of bygone ages.  I will take you on a tour of Anston over the coming weeks and months and make you aware of some jewels that we still have around here.  It is a shame that digital camera’s didn’t capture many sights that we have since lost.

Anston is famous for supplying the stone to build the houses of Parliament otherwise known as the Palace of Westminster.


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