Anston and Dinnington singles ballroom dancing club S25 Sheffield

Why should single people have to sit on the side lines, while couples enjoy ballroom dancing.  I would like to set up a club to help singles learn to ballroom dance and be able to socialise.

In early 2000 I wanted to ballroom dance, but without a partner it was very difficult.  A friend at HSBC suggested that I went Salsa dancing in Sheffield, where there was no need to have a partner.  When learning to Salsa dance, you swap partners after learning each move of the dance.  This makes it far easier to dance with other people, when social dancing.

After a year I decided to pay for private ballroom dancing lessons at Drapers dance studio.  The trouble with this is, it becomes very expensive and you don’t get very far.  Luckily I had also started Salsa dancing in Dinnington where I met a girl who was interested in ballroom dancing.  I started going to group ballroom dance classes.

For a number of years I had a steady dance partner, but when we split up, I had to learn again, because I was so used to dancing with the same person.  I went to three different dance schools, but with me being single I am usually paired up with somebody and this is dependent on them turning up  and most often they aren’t bothered about the social aspect.

I have since learnt to Modern Jive at Davy’s in Sheffield and I ended up going to many different venues in Sheffield, Doncaster and Sutton in Ashfield.  I had some great times and the same with Salsa dancing there is no need of a partner.

I would like to set up a group in Anston or Dinnington, so that we can bring a teacher in and learn to ballroom dance.  There are so many great venues to dance and if there is a group of us, we can go into these venues and have some enjoyable times dancing.  I have posted a video at the start of the blog, from Sheffield city hall.  The people are very friendly, but many of the new dancers from Drapers and City Limits are not venturing into the city hall.

Sheffield city hall has a far bigger dance floor than Blackpool tower ballroom, but can’t match it’s splendour and the two alternating organs.

All the best

Think positive



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