Intelligent and practical gent in s25 area of Sheffield seeks worth while fair paid work

I am well educated but can also turn my hand to other practical things.  I am looking for fair paid decent work, any where from S25 Sheffield to Attercliffe.

Tim A Wells
Tim A Wells

Originally I trained as Process control technician at British Steel in Rotherham.  I learnt anything from Electronics through to welding.  I did two years in the Sheffield rd training centre, doing a month: machining, fitting, electrical and welding.  The rest of the time was spent in my core area of Process control and electronics.  I gained a HNC in industrial measurement at Rotherham College a year ahead of schedule, due to my results at Dinnington Comprehensive school.

I then had to do a further two years training across all the Process control and instrumentation departments at British Steel Rotherham.  I even ended up working in their Telecommunications centre.

I was never offered a full time role at British steel Rotherham, because we were told that there wasn’t enough work, at the same time British Steel refused to help me to carry on and do a degree.

I was then offered a job in the Telecom department at Midland Bank in their voice department.  I used to deal with all their call logging requirements and upgrade of their private voice network trunk lines.  I did six months in their operation centre, before coming back to the voice department and getting involved with the provision of Mercury services and movement of major Tandems in the voice network.

I then had a year going around the country upgrading the data communications in the branch network.  I used to oversee the British telecom engineers and ensured that all the services in the branch were transferred across OK.  I then started to implement X25 network sharing box’s to reduce the number of private circuits required in our branch network to reduce costs.

I then had a 10 year period providing the Link2 time division network, that carried all the major services into the core locations in the UK.  I would do anything from designing and planning the network, cost analysis and project management of the network and other services across it.  Change and problem management were important systems we had to use and I helped develop the Telecom database back in the early 1990’s, as we went from a paper based record system, to an electronic record.

I retrained as a N.L.P. master practitioner between 1998 and 2000, with Optimum performance in Manchester and Hexagon training in Sheffield.  I left what was now HSBC in 2000 to set up my own business.  I had a years career break to start with and helped out with the Ryton credit union on a Saturday morning.

I set up my Hypnotherapy business in 2001 and gradually developed this at the same time as helping out with the Dinnington area regeneration trust (D.A.R.T). as a volunteer  I would help with anything from the Saturday morning cinema, through to the restoration of the Middleton institute.

When I first started my Hypnotherapy business I worked with individuals and grew this to working with groups of people.  I have delivered stress management courses for a variety of groups through the Rotherham Learning network and have also delivered courses to an industrial company through another training company.  I can come to groups of people and help them to stop smoking, lose weight or deal with stress.  If you are a organisation or business I can help deliver tailor made personal development courses for you.

While growing my Hypnotherapy, I have become very proficient with building web sites and optimisation and could even show you how to build your own business website and ensure that it achieves maximum exposure.  I am also very good with digital voice recording and could also help with voice overs.  Small business owners don’t have the luxury of other people doing their work and I do everything in relation to my business and have learnt the hard way about the best way to advertise.

During my time running my business, I also set up a business club in Dinnington and 40 people came to the last business club that was run.  It took about 5 years to get the business club off the ground in Dinnington due to the local economy.

I have also done a year working for a Carbon Management company, where I sold services to business around the country, by telemarketing them.

I have worked on and off for Ed Excel as a processing operative at Hellaby and Lowton, carrying out most of the tasks across their organisation.

I have also done a month with Scottish power as an out bound call agent which was very difficult.  Prior to Christmas this year, I worked for Marks and Spencer via Capita, working on their ordering system.  Dealing with orders that had failed, incoming calls and email enquiries.

I am looking for work that will compliment my existing Hypnotherapy business, but will also listen to offers of permanent work that will compliment the skills I have built up since starting working in 1980.

Whether the work is a short term contract, self employed or full time employment, I would be interested to hear from you.  One area of work that I find very interesting is the renewable energy field.

Yours in anticipation




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