Sheffield city hall ballroom sequence and tea dances shake up

January Tea Dances

Tuesdays – 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

Thursdays – 7th & 14th Aubrey with Live Music, 21st Barbara and Barry with Recorded Music

Saturdays – 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd

Sheffield city hall tea dances are in need of a shake up, if you can can do something about it and are reading the blog give me a shout.

Other than Blackpool Tower ballroom you won’t find a better ballroom in the North of England.  The ballroom in Sheffield city hall is far larger than Blackpool Tower, but will never match the splendour.  £3-50 for a Saturday dance is fantastic value for money.

I have had some fantastic Saturday afternoons in Sheffield city hall, but I do think they can do something to cater for and encourage the younger generation.  Sheffield city hall is open Tuesday and Thursday when the young can’t attend and on these days should be geared to the older generation.

However on a Saturday when the younger generation aren’t working, the dance routine could be changed to encourage more Latin American and do away a little with Sequence dancing.  Not that I am against sequence dancing as there are some very nice dances out there.

At the moment I have taken a backward step from ballroom dancing in the city hall, until I can meet a lady who is into more of the Latin American type dances.  The final dance I would like to learn is the Argentinian Tango, which will require a very supple dance partner.  Just shuffling around the city hall isn’t enough for me.

In the ballroom dancing world, there seems to be a little bit of a cold shoulder to people who are single, dance schools don’t cater very well for single people of either sex.  I don’t see why single people should sit on the side lines.

I think it is time to have a few Paul Jones in the city hall to bring in more social dancing and help the single people to get around the dance floor.  I am going to set up a dance club for single ballroom dancers, Salsa and Modern Jive don’t stop the single dancer from learning or progressing socially, so why should ballroom dancing.  I am a man with a mission on this.

The Sheffield city hall used to have a Saturday afternoon organ player, but when it was refurbished the organist never returned.  I would prefer a good organist to somebody just turning over a CD.  The city hall needs a little oomph on a Saturday afternoon.

If you can improve the ballroom and tea dance in the Sheffield city hall give me a shout!  We need to encourage the younger generation to come into the Sheffield city hall, ballroom dancing doesn’t just belong to the older generation.  Ballroom dancing is great for your health, enjoyable and for meeting people.

All the best




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