Ballroom dance teacher to teach lessons to singles in Anston and Dinnington S25 area of Sheffield

I am looking for a ballroom dance teacher to teach ballroom dancing in the same way that Salsa and Modern jive are taught.  Please contact me if you can help.

city hall dance
city hall dance

While doing salsa or modern jive classes, it doesn’t matter whether you are a single or couple and that is how I would prefer to learn to dance, so that I can dance with anybody, not just my regular partner.

I am would like to set up ballroom dance classes in Anston and Dinnington, so that it will cater for both singles and couples.  Why should the single person have to sit on the sidelines if they don’t have a regular dance partner.  There are probably as many single people wanting to dance as couples, but generally the ballroom dance world shuns them or exploits them for money, by only allowing them to have private lessons which cost a fortune over time.  Private ballroom dance lessons don’t lead any where longer term.

It is far better to learn a dance one step at a time with a different partner, so that you are able to social dance as well as dance with your regular partner.  I found that when I split up with a regular dance partner that it was extremely difficult to dance with other ladies and had to start learning again.

I can go in the Sheffield city hall and dance with 10 different ladies in an afternoon, but would like to encourage younger people to come into the Sheffield city hall and take up dancing.  Dancing is a great way to exercise, is enjoyable and builds confidence and is a great way to socialise.

I can remember going to a Christmas salsa dance class in Clowne and learning the Cha Cha cha in a night with 40 other people.  The ballroom dance world generally speaking, spins it out to make maximise profit.

If you can teach ballroom dance classes to singles or would like to join a ballroom dance class for singles in Anston and Dinnington in Sheffield, get in contact with me.



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