Sheffield chance to dance 2014

Sheffield chance to dance 2014 will be going ahead this year.  Dancing is a great way to exercise, enjoy yourself and meet people.

Adelphi Sheffield
Adelphi Sheffield

I have had some great times dancing since I started Salsa dancing in 2000 while working for HSBC in Sheffield.  I have since progressed to Modern Jive and Ballroom dancing.

For many years I used to go to the chance to dance festival in Sheffield, but it is very dependent on the weather being decent.  It is no fun dancing outside in the cold.

For many years there were some great demonstrations at the chance to dance festival, spread across the open area’s in Sheffield.  However in 2012 the chance to dance festival stopped due to a lack of funding.

Last year the chance to dance festival started again, but didn’t have that much to encourage me to attend.  However hopefully this year there will be a big improvement.

I really would have thought that the chance to dance festival would be funded by the local dance schools who profit out of it and sponsored by local Sheffield businesses. It would be nice to see dance schools in Sheffield give something back for all the profit they make through out the year and encourage more people to dance.

If anybody knows of a dance school or teacher who teaches singles to ballroom dance in the same way as Salsa and Modern jive schools, please let me know.  I would like to set up a single and couples ballroom dance classes in Anston and Dinnington.

All the best



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