Kiveton to Chesterfield canal closing the gap

I decided to cycle from Kiveton to Chesterfield today via the canal using the Cuckoo way.  I managed to get some great pictures and you can watch my youtube slide show.  It took me under two hours to cycle back from Chesterfield to Anston, I cheated and used the quicker trans pennine trail.

For as long as I can remember the Chesterfield to Worksop canal has been open between Misterton on the Trent and Worksop.  15 years ago or so the canal from Worksop to Kiveton was quickly opened, previous to that it had been nothing more than a dyke with bulrushes, this section has many locks as it comes up through Shireoaks and Thorpe Salvin.  My favourite spot here is Turner Wood.

The section remaining between Kiveton and Chesterfield is much more problematic.  It is about 12 miles from Kiveton to Chesterfield via the canal.  The HS2 if it ever gets completed could cause some drastic issues.

One days of the U.K.s contribution to the EU, would completely pay for the remainder of the canals restoration.  I know what I would rather have.

The Norwood tunnel has collapsed.  Part of it will be re opened, then a cutting will be made through the old reclaimed pit land at Kiveton.  The fishing ponds will be turned into Marina.

It will then be necessary to take the canal under the motorway via a series of locks.  The n through Rother valley park using the river Rother.  This will allow the canal to connect to the South Yorkshire navigation canal.

The canal has been built on all through Killamarsh, so the route is via the greenway, if you are cycling or walking.

Once through the greenway the canal will have to be rebuilt and routed through to Renishaw where you will find some completed work.  Follow the Trans pennine trail via the side of the canal, but don’t stray too far away or you will lose the Cuckoo way.

The canal then disappears and I travelled over nothing more than fields, with a well marked foot path, before I came to the Staveley Marina.  From Staveley Marina into Chesterfield town centre is a viable canal, but I only saw one boat on it.  The canal will require dredging at the Town centre end.

Once you get into Chesterfield you will find brown field land, ready to be completed into the new Marina and housing.

I hoped you enjoyed my journey along the canal via the picture show.

All the best




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