Chesterfield canal closing the gap mass sponsored cycle and walk

I managed to cycle from Kiveton to Chesterfield via the canal at the weekend, previously when I had tried this I had ended up getting lost.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a mass sponsored walk and cycle.

Chesterfield canal Renishaw
Chesterfield canal Renishaw

The Chesterfield canal is a fantastic place to walk or cycle.  For as long as I remember the section from Misterton to Worksop has been open.  The section from Worksop to Kiveton was renovated 10/15 years ago, very quickly following a large grant.  There are many locks along this section to raise the level.

The final section of the canal from Kiveton to Staveley which is only about 6 miles, will take a further £40 million, but is also a technical nightmare, that could throw up some very interesting solutions.  A further spanner in the works is the HS2 line, which could disrupt the Chesterfield canal.

If you walk or cycle from Kiveton to Staveley, you won’t find much canal until you get to Renishaw, then the canal disappears completely and you see nothing more than fields.

It would be great to organise a mass sponsored cycle or walk from Kiveton to Chesterfield and I would be interested to hear from anybody who is up for it.  Monetary wise this will not make a massive difference, but from a publicity point of view, it could open up the Chesterfield canal.

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