Village pond Anston and the Blacksmith arms

When I came to Anston in 1966, I was only two years old, but the village was very different to today’s Anston.  There used to be a village pond within the vicinity of the Pond shops.

Pond and Cutler pub
Pond and Cutler pub

The road use to wind into Anston rather than straight up the baulk.  As the road came into the top of Anston, it was much further forward and I am stood on the old road taking the picture.  I thought the village pond was some where between the Cutler pub and the road I am now standing on taking the picture.  However I now believe it to be where the houses now exist across from the row of Pond shops, see the next picture, according to Bob Gellatly’s “Anston Then & Now, done on behalf of the Conservation society.

Anston village pond
Anston village pond

It would be great to recreate the village pond in the grassed area in front of the Cutler pub, but I can imagine that “elf and safety” would have a field day and it would grind Anston parish council to a halt.  The parish council struggle to even provide a Christmas tree for the village, but I am working on that.

Before the Cutler pub was built, people used to use the old Blacksmiths arms, that you

Blacksmiths arms Anston Hillside
Blacksmiths arms Anston Hillside

see on the picture at the end of the blog.  The old Blacksmiths arms has been private flats for 40 or so years.  It looks far more quaint than the Cutler pub which is now looking a little jaded.  I understand that the Blacksmiths arms we now see, was the 20th century version and there was 19th century version before that, correct me if I am wrong. It would be better to turn the Cutler pub into a decent shopping facility for Anston, as the custom has dropped an awful lot over the years.

Where the row of shops are across from the Cutler pub, the stables for Anston Hall used to exist.  You can see a picture of the stables in one of the books on old Anston, Bob Gellatly produced a few years ago.  Anston village green is around the back of the Pond shops.  The Anston conservation society folded a number of years ago, they claimed it was due to the cost of insurance, but I offered to pay it for them, I think their enthusiasm had run out.

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