Laura’s cafe tea room Chesterfield canal Shireoaks

It is extremely pleasant sat on the canal at Shireoaks train station.  You will find what looks like a lovely little tea room by the side of the canal, where you can have a drink or meal.

Laura's cafe Shireoaks
Laura’s cafe Shireoaks

I have never used Laura’s cafe at Shireoaks, but it always looks busy and looks really quaint from a distance.  I will find out the opening times for the cafe and add to the blog.

You can come in from either Retford or Sheffield on the regular trains and have a nice walk down the canal from this point.  You can either walk one way down the canal past Shireoaks canal basin into Worksop or a more difficult climb through a series of locks up to Thorpe Salvin. Either way is a pleasant walk.

You will also find the Lock keeper on the way to Worksop, which is a more modern family pub that serves meals or Di’s Orchard Tea Room in the other direction, where you can get a drink, ice lolly or a variety of ice creams.

It’s great to get out for a brisk stroll and exercise your heart, which will lead to a more healthy life style.  What can be better than along the Chesterfield and Worksop canal.

All the best

Think positive



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