Nona’s cafe and tea room Hollingwood Lock Chesterfield and Worksop canal

Nona’s cafe on Hollingwood lock of the Chesterfield canal is one of the most substantial I have seen so far on the canal.  Originally the cafe was at Shireoaks, so the owner has many years experience.

Nona's Hollingwood basin
Nona’s Hollingwood basin

I am currently making a picture slide of the Chesterfield canal from Misterton all the way to Chesterfield.  At the moment I have got from Osberton to Chesterfield, hopefully this weekend I will get from Osberton to Misterton.

When I passed by the Hollingwood lock, it was rather a nice day and Nona’s was pretty busy.  You can get anything from an ice cream, through to a meal.

I understand Nona’s opens from 9:30 am until 4:30 pm, Wednesday to Sunday and is open bank holiday Mondays.

You will also find the head quarters of the trust and partnership at the Hollingwood lock and you can hire a meeting room here.

I hope I have enticed you to venture onto the Chesterfield canal.  It is a 4 mile walk from the Hollingwood lock into Chesterfield.  If I have made any mistakes, please let me know so I can update the blog.  Get out for a walk on the Chesterfield canal and get fit.

All the best




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