Orchard Tea room Chesterfield canal Turner Wood Worksop

Turner wood is one of my favourite places on the Chesterfield canal, you will find a lovely row of quaint cottages and the Orchard Tea room run by Diane.

Click on the small picture to find the exact opening times and more about the cafe.

I decided to take a new picture of the Orchard Tea rooms, after seeing a recent picture of Di and the Tea rooms, when Dave Berry passed through on his sponsored cycle, from one end of the canal to the other.

Orchard Tea Room Turner Wood
Orchard Tea Room Turner Wood

From Shireoaks through to Thorpe Salvin the Chesterfield canal climbs quite steeply through a serious of locks.  Half way up this flight of locks you will find Di’s Orchard Tea room, where you can buy an ice lolly, ice cream or even a cup of coffee.

Open mid morning until 6pm Saturday and Sunday.  Open Mid morning until 4pm Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday and Friday.  Shut Thursday.

Turner wood has quite a large canal basin at this point.  You can either sit around the canal basin or inside Di’s new Tea room and rest your legs for a while.

At this point another footpath crosses the Chesterfield canal and is quite a busy point for walkers and cyclists.

If you carry on up this bit of canal, you will find a pair of Swans.  Be careful as the male is protecting the female, who is trying to hatch eggs.  For the last few years she has been unsuccessful, but hopefully this year things will be different.

Further up the canal after taking this picture, I came across a Heron.  As I came up close to him he kept flying off, I managed to get some great pictures of him standing there, but the pictures in flight were a little more difficult.

Get out on the Chesterfield canal and enjoy yourself.  The work still to be carried out from Kiveton to Staveley, could throw up a very interesting canal scenario.  At the very least a massive stair lift of locks from the old Kiveton Colliery site, down into Rothervalley and through the River Rother.  At this point it will allow the Chesterfield and Worksop canal to connect to the South Yorkshire Navigation canal.

If you have £40 million spare, please donate to the Chesterfield canal trust, so they can complete the canal.

All the best



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