Osberton to Chesterfield via the Worksop canal pictorial

Recently Dave Berry did a sponsored cycle from one end of the canal to the other, which gained the Chesterfield to Misterton canal a lot of good publicity.   It got me thinking what I could do and I decided to cycle the full length and take a picture trail.

It takes quite a lot longer to cycle the canal when taking pictures, so I have done it in stages.  To start with I did it from Kiveton to Chesterfield, from Kiveton to Staveley most of the canal needs replacing.  From Staveley to Chesterfield most of the canal is complete, but requires work to dredge and clean the canal.

This latest video has from Osberton all the way through to Chesterfield via the canal.  I have added some decent back ground music and would recommend connecting into your TV and watching wide screen.

This weekend I am going to do the final part of the Misterton to Chesterfield canal.  I will then release a complete video of the journey along the canal, I will do a voice over and add some titles to slides.

Constructive feedback is always welcome.

All the best




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