White Swan Drakeholes Chesterfield canal

I remember visiting Drakeholes on the Chesterfield canal, when I first started driving.  A friend had a boat on this part of the canal and it is probably the nicest location on the whole canal.  You can have a meal or drink at the White Swan that over looks the canal.

white swan drakeholes
white swan drakeholes

There is limited amount of off road parking at Drakeholes, unless you are a patron of the White Swan.  You can have a picnic on the grassed area by the side of the canal and watch the canal boats going through Drakeholes tunnel.  Or you can site outside the White Swan pub with a drink or a meal and watch life go by on the canal.

I have had a fantastic carvery meal in the White Swan on a Sunday.

Quite a few canal boats congregate in this location, probably due to the fantastic setting.

Drakehole tunnel
Drakehole tunnel

If you have a little more energy you can take a walk down to Wiseton village, which is a beautiful setting.  Richard Budge who used to own British coal lived at Wiseton Hall, which I understand was rebuilt and isn’t the old house that used to exist there.

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