My favourite spot on the Chesterfield canal Drakeholes White Swan

I have being doing a full picture trail of the canal from West Stockwith to the Chesterfield canal.  Drakeholes is my favourite location on the whole canal and I was saddened to find the White Swan shut down.

Drakeholes white swan
Drakeholes white swan

I first came across Drakeholes when my friend took me to his families boat that was moored there 30 years ago and we enjoyed a few pints in the White Swan, it was the first public house that I came across with pipe music to the toilet.  I understand that winter trade for the White Swan is poor and that it periodically goes out of business and will open again

Somebody tells me that the White Swan was originally the stables for Wiseton Hall,

Gate house Wiseton Hall
Gate house Wiseton Hall

but I need to clarify.  I noticed two strange white building and I am told they were the entrance to the estate.  You can see the picture of those.

The final picture is of Drakeholes tunnel, where you can have a nice family picnic watching the boats come through it.  If you have a short walk down the canal, you will come to the Wiseton estate as you walk

Drakeholes tunnel
Drakeholes tunnel

under a bridge.  You can get onto the periphery of the estate which takes you back to old England.  I understand Richard Budge the owner of British coal owns or used to own Wiseton Hall.

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