Anston stones, red squirrels and Sherwood forest

In the late 1800’s somebody brought the grey squirrel to the UK from North America and nearly wiped out the native red squirrel. I would love to see the red squirrel re introduced to Anston stones wood, which is a site of SSSI.

Anston stones limestone face
Anston stones limestone face

Anston stones wood is a site of special scientific interest, I think it was originally a part of Sherwood Forest that stretched up to Sheffield.  Edwinstowe which is little over 15 miles away was actually inside Sherwood Forest.  Robin Hood probably came from Loxley in Sheffield and you will find the grave of Little John at Hathersage.

I have only seen red squirrels while doing my N.L.P. training in the Lake district in 2000.  They are really cute little creatures and it was funny to watch them coming down to pinch the nuts left out for the birds.

Would’t it be great to re-introduce red squirrels into Anston Stones woods, in order to do this it would be necessary to trap the grey squirrels and humanely kill.  Grey squirrels actually carry a pox they themselves are immune to, but this wipes out the red squirrel population, so they can’t really live side by side.  I think it would be better to stop the grey squirrels reproducing and allow them to enjoy their life, if we could get rid of the pox they carry.

Red squirrels have increased their population by over 8% the last year, while the population of the grey squirrel has reduced by over 15%.  This is down to conservation, management and less food for the grey squirrel, while people are feeding the red squirrels.

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