Di’s Orchard Tea room and cafe Turner Wood Worksop

Turner wood is my 2nd favourite spot on the whole of the Chesterfield canal, after Drakeholes, which is about 15/20 miles away.  Di has a lovely Tea room and cafe where you can purchase an ice cream or drink.

Di’s cafe will be closed until after March of 2017.

Click on the small picture to go to the facebook page and find out exact opening times and more about the cafe.


Di’s Orchard Tea Room cafe is open Saturday and Sunday from about 9:30 am until 6pm.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from before lunch until 4pm.  Closed every Thursday.

Di sells ice creams, ice lollies and a range of drinks.  I am sure she will extend her range of products if you ask her and it is viable to do so.  You can either sit inside her tea room or any where around the enchanting Turner Wood area of the Chesterfield canal.

You will find a pair of mating swans a little further up the canal and there is a quite tame

Turner wood lock
Turner wood lock

Heron that hangs around her, but I am sorry to say he is partial to a baby duck or two.

There are cafe’s and tea rooms at regular intervals along the Chesterfield and Worksop canal.  I have completed a full journey of the canal from West Stockwith to Chesterfield.

All the best




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