West stockwith to Chesterfield canal full picture journey

I have now completed the full journey from West Stockwith to Chesterfield via the canal.  I have a full picture trail on youtube and flicker.com.  This is a bit more about it.

I have managed to take over 500 pictures of the major sites between West stockwith and Chesterfield.  I have managed to get pictures of quite a lot of wildlife.  There were three pairs of Swans between Misterton and Retford with their young.

It will be fantastic when the remainder of the canal is completed between Kiveton and Staveley.  Both money and logistics are holding up this part of the canal restoration and HS2 has also thrown a spanner in the works.  It will cost £42 million to complete the canal, but the technical solution is still to be decided.

Dave Berry recently cycled from one end of the canal to the other, to raise funds for the Chesterfield canal trust, which lead me to do my picture trail of the canal, to increase awareness.  With me stopping and starting to take pictures, I decided to do the canal in two parts.

I have a video on Youtube, which you can watch.   I recommend watching it all the way through, as it has relaxing backing music or you can move forward of backwards using the round cursor.   In the future I will add a voice over commentary to the video.


Alternatively you can go onto my flicker account and look at the album www.flicker.com/timawells.  I will be adding descriptions to all the pictures as I go along.

All the best



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